Personalized learning, powered by AI, delivered by PETE

PETE is an AI-Powered Learning Platform with a mission to revolutionize how knowledge is crafted, shared, and absorbed.

Our Story

The team at PETE is driven by the belief that every learner deserves to master knowledge and that everyone should have the opportunity to teach others.

Fueled by the limitless possibilities of generative AI, our team focused on creating an AI-Powered Learning Platform that transforms teaching and supercharges learning. This dedication to making education engaging, adaptive, and effective fuels our passion and guides our forward-thinking approach.

”Our vision is for PETE to become an indispensable part of education and training through pioneering technology that enables adaptive, engaging, and effective learning.”

See PETE in action
A picture of Jacques Fu, Founder of PETE, speaking in front of public at a live seminar.

Jacques Fu, Founder

At PETE, innovation is more than just a buzzword — it's the driving force behind everything we do. We constantly strive to stay ahead, pushing boundaries of what's possible in education and training.

Our Team

Get to know the people bringing PETE’s vision to life.

Luis E Garcia


Orlando, FL

Jacques Fu


Orlando, FL

Spencer Elliott

Head of New Business Development

Orlando, FL

Lauren Thomas

Chief of Staff

Boston, MA

Alex Damis

AI Engineer

Orlando, FL

Ivan Khyzhniak

Software Engineer

Cherkasy, Ukraine

Danilo Diniz

UX/UI Designer

Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Jazz Prado

Product Marketer

Manila, Philippines

PETE is a remote organization, but our heart is in Orlando, FL.

An image of the world map, depicting PETE's diverse team all around the world. There are two pins in the USA, a pin in Brazil, one in Ukraine and another in the Philippines.

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