Frequently Asked Questions

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What is PETE?

PETE empowers growing companies to scale their training effortlessly with unlimited AI-powered content and unlimited courses for unlimited learners. From tailored onboarding programs to dynamic sales and compliance training, PETE serves as an end-to-end learning solution for creating and managing digital courses in your own branded virtual academy – no training department needed.

How does PETE utilize AI tailored for workforce training?

Think of us like an out-of-the-box training department complete with subject matter experts, graphic designers, technical writers, content editors, and speakers. PETE serves as a complete training solution for organizations of all sizes to optimize their training initiatives and maximize their impact, without having to hire additional training resources.

How do I start generating courses?

Simply define your course description and objectives, and PETE will deliver you a fully curated course, which includes outlines, notes, and expertly-designed lessons with text, image, audio, and video content. Your input is key – the more context and unique information you provide, the more tailored and effective the outcome. When you’re happy with your content, just approve and deploy to your virtual academy.

Can I request a demo?

Absolutely! Just fill out this form and someone from our sales team will reach out to you. While you wait, you can watch how PETE works here.

Can I request a free trial?

Yes, you can access a demo version of PETE at Our free demo lets you generate a custom course outline, personalize it, and receive a sample course, complete with AI lesson content, slides, voiceover, and speaker notes. Just keep in mind that the output will not be completely customized to your specific needs, as it solely operates based on the short description provided.

How can I talk to a sales rep?

You may contact our sales team for more information about PETE and our innovative learning solutions for enterprises. If you need technical support, please send us a message at

What industries can benefit from using PETE?

PETE is focused on helping growing companies scale workforce learning across diverse industries. We have partner clients in the business of Tech, Education, Finance, HR, Sports, Retail, Hospitality, and Logistics, among many others.

Can PETE integrate with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

PETE comes equipped with its own Learning Management System (LMS), tightly integrated with our suite of AI tools. We also offer the flexibility of exporting our lessons so you can use them in other platforms, and uploading training content between PETE and any other LMS platform.

What kind of training content can be created using PETE?

PETE specializes in enabling the development of courses tailored for diverse training needs, spanning from onboarding to regulatory compliance, product knowledge, technical skill, and more.

How much does PETE cost?

PETE offers a cost-effective pricing model designed to provide exceptional value to our partners. Compared to the expenses associated with hiring a training department, licensing training content, or outsourcing course development, getting a PETE subscription is only a fraction of the cost. We develop features that give time back to companies, so they can focus on impact.

For detailed information on enterprise pricing, please contact our sales team.

What are the billing terms for PETE's subscription plan?

We offer an annual subscription that’s billed monthly. Each account gets a dedicated Success Manager, and full access to our suite of AI learning solutions with unlimited courses, schools, and learners.

What kind of support does PETE provide its customers?

While PETE is designed as a self-service solution, each account is assigned a dedicated Success Manager to assist you every step of the way. We also offer onboarding support to help customers effectively use and maximize our AI tools.

How can I ensure the accuracy of AI-generated content on PETE?

Rest assured, you maintain full control over the content generated and published on your PETE account. Our platform offers customization options and admin approval features, adding a layer of confidence and control to the content creation process.

How does PETE protect my company’s privacy?

At PETE, we implement stringent data protection measures to safeguard our customers’ information, ensuring that it remains confidential and completely inaccessible to any other customer or third-party Large Language Models.

Who owns the content I generate?

PETE does not claim any form of ownership over content created and shared by our users, including any information and files that you upload, share, or store in your account. We merely provide the tools for content creation. You maintain full ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in your content.

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