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Overcome specific challenges across your organization with personalized training for every team member.

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Tailored Onboarding Courses

Onboarding that not only informs but resonates.

First impressions matter, especially for new employees. Many companies understand the importance of onboarding but fall short in execution, often resorting to generic, one-size-fits-all solutions. This approach can leave new hires feeling out of place, especially if the content doesn't resonate with their roles.

With our AI-powered platform, we revolutionize the onboarding experience. PETE crafts quality and effective courses rapidly. But what truly sets us apart is customization. Imagine delivering onboarding content that speaks uniquely and specifically to your engineers, sales reps, operations, and business office teams. With PETE, every new employee receives a personalized introduction tailored to their role and responsibilities.

Onboard with impact

Dynamic Sales Training

Stay updated. Sell confidently.

In dynamic companies, products, pricing, and processes evolve and change rapidly. While this signifies growth, it also presents a challenge: ensuring the sales team is consistently updated and knowledgeable about every strategy change. A salesperson is more effective when they have the information they need to build trust and close deals.

With our AI-powered platform, you can deliver the most up-to-date internal knowledge to your team. As your product line grows and evolves, you can use PETE to equip your sales team with the latest information and training, directly tailored to their specific roles. With PETE, no more lag, no more knowledge gaps. Just a sales team empowered to represent your brand confidently and effectively.

Sell with confidence

Compliance Training and Assessment

Stay compliant effortlessly.

In today's business landscape, keeping up with industry regulations and standards is paramount. However, the ever-changing nature of these regulations can make consistent compliance a challenge. The team needs to be kept in-the-know about the rules —it's about ensuring every team member is on the same page.

With our AI-powered platform, you can create and deliver the most current compliance training tailored specifically to the individual roles within your company. PETE eliminates the guesswork, updating your teams continuously with the latest regulatory requirements. With PETE, no more uncertainties, no more risks. Just a well-informed team confidently navigating the compliance landscape.

Stay compliant

One-Stop Virtual Academy

Stay informed and continuously learning.

Having a centralized knowledge hub is vital for keeping your workforce informed, engaged, and empowered. However, static repositories with generic content often collect digital dust, failing to address the unique training requirements of different teams within your organization.

With our AI-powered platform, you can take your content to the next level, transforming it into engaging courses that resonate with different roles and individual learning needs. No more grappling with scattered resources across your organization. Deliver simpler, smarter workplace training in your own one-stop virtual academy—no training department needed.

Transform learning

Empower your organization to thrive with PETE.