Your out-of-the-box training department.

Power your training programs with PETE’s AI-driven learning solution. You’re the expert, we’re everything else.

Blazing Fast

Craft impactful courses at a fraction of the time and cost.


Create AI-Powered lessons narrated with your own voice.


Deliver effective training materials adapted to every role.

Customers who love learning with us...

Overwhelmed by training demands?
PETE is your answer.

Think of us like an out-of-the-box training department complete with subject matter experts, graphic designers, technical writers, content editors, and speakers.

PETE serves as a complete training solution for organizations of all sizes to optimize their training initiatives and maximize their impact, without having to hire additional training resources.

"Integrating AI into the business is an exciting
step for our organization."

"Partnering with a forward-thinking company like PETE allows us to expand our training capabilities and drive our organization's success. We're thrilled about this partnership and look forward to its positive impact."
Jarrod Dillon
Orlando City and Orlando Pride President of Business Operations
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"Our partnership with PETE is pivotal towards enhancing training at Orlando Venues."

"PETE's innovative platform empowers us to expand our training capabilities while maintaining the personal touch to our organization. As we continue to hire new talent, PETE's solution will be instrumental in ensuring our staff is well-prepared and equipped to deliver exceptional guest experiences."
Michael Weeman
Division Manager of Guest Experience at City of Orlando
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"Working with PETE has been game-changing for the educational component of our company."

"The speed and accuracy at which we can now create full-fledged courses and resources is nothing short of incredible. I'm immensely grateful for the innovation and efficiency PETE brings to our creative process."
Sofia Rubio
Chief of Programming at CEO School
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"My experience with PETE has been transformative."

"I chose PETE for its innovative approach that's meticulously designed to cater to learners at all levels. I am confident that PETE's commitment to advancing AI education will play a pivotal role in the future of technology."
Daniel Perez
Assistant Director-Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship at Rollins College
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Effortlessly host, manage, and distribute content in your own virtual academy — no training department needed.

Tackle all training demands with one platform that brings together a suite of integrated tools.

PETE’s proprietary technology delivers customized course materials.

AI-Powered Course Builder

Get learners up to speed faster with AI. Instantly build courses, complete with lessons, learning outcomes, and assessments.

Voice Cloning

Save time with production-ready lessons narrated in your digitally cloned voice. No recording session needed.

Learning Management System

No more grappling with scattered resources. Effortlessly create, manage, and distribute content in your own branded virtual academy.


Learning is most powerful when it's personal. Engage your teams with training that adapts to every learner’s role, abilities, and needs.

Full Control and Privacy

Have full ownership over your content. We keep your data confidential and completely inaccessible to third-parties.

Expertise Amplified

Focus on your expertise while we handle the rest. Seamlessly introduce digital learning into your organization with the help of AI.

Experience next-generation workforce learning.