Elevate training. Optimize learning.

Accelerate course creation and boost learning effectiveness with our AI-powered Learning Platform.

Blazing Fast

Create impactful courses at a fraction of the time and cost.

Video and Audio

Customize to your voice, likeness, and unique point of view.


Deliver training materials adapted to your learners.

Unleash knowledge today

Overwhelmed by training demands?
PETE is your answer

Whether you are a one-person team or a training department, you likely have a limited budget, scarce resources and an overwhelmingly high demand for creating and delivering training.

PETE is an AI-powered learning platform that accelerates the course creation process for your training and boosts learning effectiveness through a cost-efficient, customizable, and learner-adaptive solution.

An image showing PETE's AI Chat Assistant user interface, demonstrating how a user can ask Pete to generate a course that will help them onboard new employees.

PETE is the only AI-Powered Learning Platform that customizes content by the creator and for the learner to achieve an optimal learning experience.

Tackle all training demands with one platform that brings together a suite of integrated tools

PETE’s proprietary technology delivers customized course materials

AI-Powered Course Builder

Full instructional materials including course description, learning outcomes, resources, and assessments.

Personalized Video Lessons

Video-based lessons with the instructor's likeness and voice.

Learning Management System

Instructional materials are seamlessly integrated with our proprietary Learning Management System.


Our hyper-personalization technology adapts content to the learner, optimizing the learning experience.

PETE’s hyper-personalization adapts content to the learner, drastically improving engagement and optimizing the learning experience.