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Accelerate course creation and boost learning effectiveness through PETE’s suite of cost-effective, customizable, and learner-adaptive solutions.

Next-Generation Course Builder

Craft Impactful Courses

Break through creative blocks with a limitless brainstorming partner. PETE helps you create full instructional materials so you can focus on impact, not tasks. From course descriptions and learning outcomes to lessons, resources, and assessments.

✅ Build courses 25x faster
✅ Reduce development costs by at least 75%
✅ Create voiceovers and videos powered by AI

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An image showing mockups of PETE's course generating features, including a chat box displaying a user talking to Pete AI assistant and generating a course that will help them onboard new employees to their company.

Simpler, smarter workplace training at a
fraction of the time and cost.

Your own virtual academy

Learning Management System

No more grappling with scattered resources across your organization. Effortlessly host, manage, and distribute content in your own virtual academy—no training department needed.

✅ Transform content into engaging courses
✅ Stay organized with a centralized resource hub
✅ Get learners up to speed faster

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An image showing mockups of PETE's Learning Management Software options, including a list of created courses and a progression bar of an ongoing course lessons.
An image showing mockups of PETE's hyper-personalization features, including a voice analysis box showing how it can generate multiple courses from a user sample.

Tailored for success

Hyper-Personalization Technology

Create personalized courses that meet the unique needs of your learners. PETE adapts training content for better engagement and an optimal learning experience.

✅ Deliver personalized learning experiences
✅ Boost engagement and knowledge retention
✅ Instantly generate tailored training content

Teach with impact

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