Orlando-Based AI EdTech Startup, PETE, Secures $2 Million in Seed Funding

Jazz Prado


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April 9, 2024


Orlando, Florida (April 9, 2024) – Orlando-based AI EdTech startup PETE (pete.com) has successfully concluded its Seed Funding round, securing $2 million led by Cofounders Capital, a prominent early-stage seed fund focused on B2B software ventures in the Southeast United States. The round also included capital from angel investors in the Orlando area.

This funding marks a significant milestone for PETE, propelling the young company into an exciting phase of growth. PETE was founded by Jacques Fu, who co-founded Stax, Orlando's first homegrown fintech unicorn, and Luis Garcia, the former Vice President of Emerging Technologies at Full Sail University and founding executive of its online degree programs.

Since its founding in June 2023, PETE has rapidly garnered industry attention and onboarded several partner clients to leverage its cost-effective AI-powered learning solutions for personalized and adaptive training experiences. PETE will use the capital infusion to amplify the company's sales efforts and strategic marketing initiatives and continue the development of its patent-pending proprietary AI technology.

"From the outset, we've been thoroughly impressed with the sophistication of the PETE technical solution and the track record of this management team," said Cofounders Capital Founding Partner David Gardner. "The potential for AI to dramatically disrupt the corporate education space is something we have been following closely, and we have found the right tech and team to back in this space."

As a platform, PETE empowers enterprises to scale their training effortlessly with unlimited AI-powered content and unlimited courses for unlimited learners. From tailored onboarding programs to dynamic sales and compliance training, PETE is an end-to-end learning solution for creating and managing digital courses in your own branded virtual academy – no training department is needed.

"We are beyond excited to embark on this partnership with Cofounders Capital, which will bring us much more than just financial advantage. The intellectual assets and collaborative opportunities with their seasoned team are invaluable resources to us. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the B2B SaaS sector will drive us forward, refining our strategies and accelerating our growth trajectory," said PETE President Luis Garcia. "This partnership represents a pivotal step in our journey. We are eager to leverage this collaboration to its fullest potential and benefit from the wisdom and insights of having such a seasoned investor."

For more information about PETE and its innovative AI learning solutions, visit www.pete.com.

For press inquiries and interview requests, kindly contact Lauren Thomas at lauren@petelearning.com.

About PETE

Founded in the heart of Orlando, Florida, PETE is a pioneering leader in AI-driven learning platforms.

PETE offers a suite of cost-effective and customizable solutions that enable organizations to deliver personalized workforce learning at scale.

PETE specializes in enabling the development of AI-powered courses tailored for diverse training needs, spanning from onboarding to regulatory compliance, product knowledge, technical skills, and more. The platform offers seamless hosting and distribution of content through PETE's Learning Management System (LMS) and access to a suite of management tools to track learners' progress.

PETE's vision is to become an indispensable part of education and training through pioneering technology that enables adaptive, engaging, and effective learning.

The team at PETE is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes optimize their training initiatives and maximize their impact, without having to hire additional training resources.

For more information about PETE, visit www.pete.com.

About Cofounders Capital

Founded in 2015 in Cary, North Carolina, Cofounders Capital is an early-stage seed fund focused on B2B software ventures in the Southeast United States. Cofounders Capital is investing out of its third $50M fund and managed by serially successful entrepreneurs David Gardner, Tim McLoughlin, and Tobi Walter.