Introducing PETE: Personalized Education, Training, and Enrichment

Jazz Prado


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October 18, 2023


Found in the heart of Orlando, Florida, PETE is a pioneering leader in AI-driven learning platforms. Since its founding in June 2023, PETE has rapidly garnered industry attention and onboarded several partner clients to leverage its cost-effective AI-powered learning solutions for personalized and adaptive training experiences.

The Vision

PETE, short for Personalized Education, Training, and Enrichment, emerged from a vision to empower individuals and organizations with transformative learning experiences. The team at PETE is driven by the belief that every learner deserves to master knowledge and that everyone should have the opportunity to teach others.

Fueled by the limitless possibilities of generative AI, our team focused on creating an AI-Powered Learning Platform that transforms teaching and supercharges learning. This dedication to making education engaging, adaptive, and effective fuels our passion and guides our forward-thinking approach.

Our vision is for PETE to become an indispensable part of education and training through pioneering technology that enables adaptive, engaging, and effective learning.

A Closer Look

As a platform, PETE empowers enterprises to scale their training effortlessly with unlimited AI-powered content and unlimited courses for unlimited learners. From tailored onboarding programs to dynamic sales and compliance training, PETE serves as an end-to-end learning solution for creating and managing digital courses in your own branded virtual academy – no training department needed.

Key Features

1. Course Acceleration: Build courses in minutes

Simply define your course description and objectives, and PETE will deliver you a fully curated course, which includes outlines, notes, and expertly-designed lessons with text, image, audio, and video content.

2. Hyper-Personalization: Deliver tailored training at scale

Learning is most powerful when it's personal. Engage your teams with training that adapts to diverse learner needs, abilities, and preferences for the ideal learning experience.

3. Virtual Academy: Stay informed and continuously learning.

No more grappling with scattered resources across your organization. Effortlessly create, manage, and distribute content in your own virtual academy — no training department needed.

Empowering the Future of Learning

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to join us in reimagining the future of education and training. Whether you're an educator, a corporate trainer, or an individual seeking to expand your knowledge and skills, PETE is your partner in next-generation learning.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, insights, and success stories as we continue to unlock the full potential of PETE and empower organizations worldwide.

Ready to experience the future of learning? Try PETE today.